Geisinger Behavioral Health Centers

Our northeastern Pennsylvania professional referral process

Geisinger Behavioral Health Center Northeast provides evidence-based, compassionate, acute mental healthcare for adults throughout northeastern Pennsylvania — and referrals are easy.

Our partners

We accept referrals from patients’ loved ones and healthcare professionals and organizations, including:

  • Hospital emergency rooms
  • Outpatient medical and mental health clinics
  • Acute care medical facilities

Our referral process

If you believe a patient would benefit from acute inpatient mental healthcare, call our admissions team.

They’ll ask about your patient’s symptoms, medical or psychiatric history and why you believe inpatient mental healthcare would be appropriate. This background information helps the team determine if the patient has additional needs and allows for a safe, seamless transition to care.

Benefits of being a professional referral source

If you refer someone to Geisinger Behavioral Health Center, you can be confident that they will be cared for by a dedicated, trained team in a safe, secure environment. Our multidisciplinary team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and other health professionals who can help patients stabilize and learn how to manage acute mental health symptoms. Every patient also receives a comprehensive treatment plan that considers their unique needs.

Professional referral sources may be able to participate in their patient’s care. And at discharge, we collaborate with external providers and community resources to ensure continuity of care. You may be able to work with the treatment team to help create the discharge plan. By coordinating ongoing medication management, outpatient treatment or continued rehabilitation services, you’ll play a vital role in their continued healing.