Geisinger Behavioral Health Centers

Our mission, vision and philosophy

Geisinger Behavioral Health Center Northeast is a premier, 96-bed inpatient facility in Moosic, Pa., that cares for adolescents and adults with acute symptoms of behavioral health disorders. We’re committed to supporting people on their journey to mental well-being through trauma-informed care, evidence-based practices and creative arts therapies.

Join us on this transformative journey as we work together to build a healthier, more vibrant community.

Our mission

Northeastern Pennsylvania needs top-notch treatment for mental health and addiction concerns. At Geisinger Behavioral Health Center Northeast, our mission is to set the standard for excellence in providing it. As a leader in behavioral healthcare in our community, we provide treatment that is synonymous with compassion and innovation.

To the people we serve, we commit to providing you quality, individualized care that offers a supportive, caring environment in which you can regain hope.

To our employees, we commit to offering a gratifying internal culture that encourages you personally and professionally, supporting you in reaching your career goals and achieving your greatest potential.

To our fellow mental health professionals, we commit to developing partnerships that promote respect and integrity through collaboration as we serve our communities.

Accomplishing our mission means delivering compassionate, clinically excellent care that places the needs of others above all else. And we’re dedicated to it.

Our vision

Geisinger Behavioral Health Center Northeast’s vision is to promote comprehensive and integrated care to improve the mental well-being of local children, adolescents and adults. We’ll do this by committing to excellence; standing as a community leader in the behavioral healthcare industry through our work with those we serve, their families and other industry professionals; and making continuous improvements in the behavioral healthcare space.

The proof of our vision lies in our principles.

Our principles

  • Understanding of and consideration for the people we serve, their families and other natural supports
  • Appreciation and integrated application of the most current, evidence-based practices of psychotherapy, psychodynamic clinical care, and psychoeducation
  • Engagement and cooperation with the persons and organizations working together for the benefit of those we serve
  • Commitment to promote and improve the mental well-being of our community

Our commitment

Commitment to our patients, employees and communities goes beyond clinically excellent care. At Geisinger Behavioral Health Center Northeast, we respect and honor every person by showing dignity and compassion to all.

As part of our mission as a behavioral healthcare facility, we embrace diversity and inclusion — because doing so makes healthcare exceptional. Diversity lets us learn from others’ experiences, which shapes how we deliver treatment, how we define our culture and how we achieve our goals.

As our industry and nation navigate an ever-changing world, we remain steadfast in supporting a culture that encourages sensitivity and supports understanding of others. We’ll continue to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who seeks our help and services.